Prevent Stress

A Few Things Every Business Pro Should Do to Prevent Stress

by Julie Morris

Whether you own your own small or midsize business or are a busy professional with a lot of responsibilities, the likelihood that you deal with a fair amount of stress on a daily basis is pretty high. This stress, coupled with things such as lack of planning can prevent us from succeeding, leading to stagnation. Here’s what you can do as a business pro to ensure you can focus your energy in a healthy way on moving forward.


Find a healthy outlet for your stress

Eliminating stress altogether isn’t a reasonable goal. A certain amount of stress is good, as it keeps you moving forward. The better way to tackle business-related stress is to find healthy outlets to manage it. Without healthy stress relief, it’s easy for fast-paced business types to succumb to unhealthy coping mechanisms including drugs and alcohol. Studies have shown that workplace stress is a major factor in developing addictions.

One of the top ways to manage stress is through exercise. The Mayo Clinic notes that “Virtually any form of exercise, from aerobics to yoga, can act as a stress reliever … even if you’re out of shape, you can still make a little exercise go a long way.” You can supplement physical activity with a hobby or two. Focusing on something you enjoy doing (fishing, golfing, knitting, etc.) will let your brain relax in a healthy way.


Reassess your budgeting

Whether you are handling your own finances, a family, or business – chances are there’s some disorganization. Getting your financial house in order is vital for forward momentum. A proper reassessment of your budget – both personal and professional – can help you see the gaps where you are wasting money and where you need to tighten up (or loosen up) in order to achieve your goals.


Focus on improving your credit score

Your credit score may just need a little polish or it could need a wholesale refurbishment. Either way, it’s time to focus on making yourself as attractive a loan/financing candidate as you possibly can. As a business expert making moves, you’re going to need this to secure capital down the road. You shouldn’t be afraid to seek some help in repairing your score. Paying down debts will also help, and you should start with the ones with the highest interest rates (usually credit card debts). But as Bankrate notes, it’s important to leave those old debts on your report. Pay them off, but don’t wipe them off your permanent record.


Assume the habits of organized people

There is more to being successful in business than being organized, but it’s hard to be successful when you are not. Disorganization (at home and at work) isn’t just bad on its own merits – it can lead to spikes in stress, which in turn negatively affects you even more. It’s a vicious cycle. Here are a few habits to adopt if you want to be more organized:

  • Delegate when you can. If you don’t trust an employee or a subordinate to get the job done right, they shouldn’t be working for you at all.
  • Spend at least a few minutes every single day decluttering.
  • Write things down. Don’t trust your brain to remember everything important. It won’t.


When we work hard, we succeed. But when we work so hard that we are unable to deal with stress and live disorganized, stagnated lives, we experience burnout. The key to advancing in your field or giving your business the boost it needs to grow is taking care of yourself.


Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash