Today we want to pick up this question: How do I handle relationships with my friends and family at home? I think we talked about that in our previous episode, Tom. So we can just refer to that but that was over half a year ago. Did something change over a year ago? Did you get some new insights on how you handle your relationships with your friends and family? You visited Japan in the meantime, visited family, how did it go?

For Tom, he says that it feels like it’s nice to see people after a while, after a long time and it’s nothing annoying falling back in the same roof where you are all bored with each other. It’s cool. He likes visiting them. Tom messages his family on Facebook and had a call sometime. He thinks that as long as you are making new friends, it doesn’t hurt too much. If you only had those friends and you are on the road just slowly by yourself, he thinks you’ll probably go nuts.

Since we are all growing we keep different people around us. In the states, remember you have friends from you school, work, when you switch jobs, your friends switch. It’s the same thing here, you are running a business, you travel you are going to find other friends which are travelling and running businesses. It’s normal. You won’t have as much to talk about with a guy you’ve worked with 10 years ago because you have different problems and if you are still working, you are going to talk about managing and meetings and all those nonsense and you’ll listen to it for five minutes and start laughing and then say that this is boring. They can’t switch the topic because they have no other view points. Things change, friends change, circumstances change, just go with the flow and don’t worry about it too much.

For Till, adapting to change is the most important thing you can learn in life but also as a Digital Nomad, what he does, he calls his parents every Sunday for about 50 minutes. It’s just good to be constant, to be predictable, doesn’t need to be too much and friends at home. Like Tom said, most friendships actually walk around this vacation and entrepreneurship of actually knowing other people who are also travelling who are also running their businesses.

Let’s say a person is a mechanic and he’s at work with other mechanics the whole time. He’s going to revolve around that, they are going to find different things, there’s a launch for cool socks, the phone system, the boss doesn’t know how to handle this and everyone’s going to be on the same page in all that. Friendships form.

Another point from Till, is that he thinks one actually would be to not be too much mislead by other people telling that they miss you, because normally,  they only have their own perspective, their own life. Always try to understand why people say something. Some they say that they really miss you; sometimes they’re just a bit jealous about what you are doing. Things like that, I think I wouldn’t worry too much about people at home. Don’t worry about what most people say. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense.