We live in a very diverse world. As a Digital Nomad, connecting with people with the same wavelength is one of the greatest thing that could happen to you. So. how do you find like minded people?

  • Local Meetups – wherever you are, you’ll probably meet people with the same passion as yours whether in business or digital nomads in local meetups. Connect with people and see if you have the same vision.
  • Digital Nomad/Coworking Spaces – go to where they hang out, this will give you a better chance of meeting a lot of people in the same and other industries.
  • Facebook – if you don’t have much time to look for people then you can just look them up on Facebook, type in your city and digital nomad – something will probably come up. Start from there and maybe you can set a meet up sometime.
  • Google – Search for the “Top 10 Digital Nomad Destinations” and go there. Chances are you’ll people who you can connect and make friends with.

The thing is, like-minded doesn’t necessarily mean digital nomads, you can connect with people from other industries or alternatively, you can meetup per unit which is normally more valuable. Usually, people won’t mind if you’re digital nomad or not.

And don’t get stuck in meeting people who are in the same industry as yours, find people in other industries with different strengths – broaden your circle and you’ll find it beneficial  as it will expand your knowledge and will give you useful insights.