There are definitely times when we go about our business without any cares for people. However, this disposition changes when we are in the circle of friends and family whom we open up our business to. It’s very fascinating that we get to share every step of our endeavor with those whom we think are supportive to us. But, what if you have friends who don’t support you? What should you do with them?

(1) Try to let go of the people from our hometown or from the people of the past. Often, while on the road, we also need people who don’t support us. That was all different from friends who don’t support us. I won’t support you either though. We need to be frank, it’s not like someone’s forcing us. I find my own group of friends, you find your own group of friends, you know.

(2) Don’t worry about it, there are so many people out there whom you can be friends with. I have explained this to a guy who’s having trouble and is now working on selling. I took him to New York, I took him to Timesquare. I said like, “look at this way, look at that way, what do you see?” He said, “I don’t know”. Well, people.  “You see people everywhere.  You can sell to all these people. They keep on coming, they’re like ants, they won’t stop”. Then he said, “oh, you’re right”. So, don’t worry, there are a lot of people. If you are going in your own direction, you will see people doing the same thing. You could be a weirdo, maybe you’re fifty years old, you like Captain America, trust me, you’ll find someone, you’ll see another guy, wearing Captain America too. You don’t know what to do, then you say, “let’s be friends”. It makes sense.

(3) You’re not telling people to f*ck themselves, it’s about letting go, and moving on. Well, it’s very simply. I’m just trying to do my business and you’re supposedly my friend. As long as you’re not stopping me then, we’re fine, we can still be friends, we cannot have all the same interest. By not supporting me, that probably means you’re getting in my way. Let’s say, you have a friend that does everything to stop you from achieving what you want to do because they’re scared, like oh, who’s my friend now? So let’s stop him, c’mon dude, let’s go drink, let’s do this. I’m going to stop by your house tomorrow. No! That’s over. I’ve changed groups like that many times so, maybe, it’s hard, but I don’t know where would I have ended up if I stayed in these groups. I don’t think it’s harsh. It’s just a clean cut and you’re moving on. Yes, because the problem about the people who don’t support you, a lot of them will learn to go against you, in a lot of ways. Like, they are going to undercut what you’re doing and that’s a big problem. Just like with everything that  goes to intervene, you just try to not to give too much place to be attacked, so try to step away and try to leave the contact.

(4) If someone really, really annoys you, then goes on and on, then their method is just to shut that off. It gets a little tougher if you have five roommates or more and all of a sudden you want to do something and all those other four roommates, say no, man. When those people are close to you and then you’re trying to do something, then it’s hard to let go. It’s all under different circumstances. So, just let me do my own thing, and you do your own thing. In the end, we only have one life, as a matter of fact, what we do with it and how much we react to other people and what are the darts parking on the way all depends on the paths we choose.