Question for today is: What do I do with my flat at home?

You can rent out the stuff, you can also do an exchange if you are not going for too long, but if you just rent an apartment then obviously, just leave it. There’s so much public storage in the states. They could probably fill a whole country with the storage everywhere. Either rent it out or do an exchange or if it’s not yours, just leave it.

If you want to make some money for that, you need someone to do all the checking which is annoying and if you’re renting it normally, just have a either a family member or a probably managed man who would you pay some percentage.

In Till’s case, he had a shared flat with somebody, and then he left. There was one scanning his post so he could access important documents immediately, but then at one point he completely left it. There was too much hassle getting new people in and out of it.

If people are worrying about the mail, then you have all these virtual posts office services in the states, especially and credit cards and everything, they are more than willing to send it to them. You don’t have to worry a lot. Just tell them to send it here.

We have that now, it has been one or two years ago in Germany, it’s called PropScan. Still, if you have a flat for someone who’s living in Berlin who doesn’t want to give up the flat, you could potentially get someone else for every year, but how much freedom is that? Just go, leave it, and find something new.

You could come back and get something else. It’s not like when you come back, all the flats are already gone, like everything is filled out. It’s not like that.

Maybe you can learn how to hustle along the way and make even more money, and then you can pay for a bigger flat. You may be forced to, which may be a good thing.