Today we want to answer the question: how do I find the first clients?

We have different approaches to that, and we talked about that a lot of times about other businesses, how would we start them, in our previous show. I think we can also just give some brainstorming about that.

Tom gave two ways: the first one is just that old approach–you have an idea, you just go through. I like business to business stuff. I don’t like dealing with customers, for other reasons. It’s easier to sell, too. Let’s say I am in New York and I came up with an idea and I just go door to door. It’s an easy thing for me to do, it’s also a stupid way to do, but it is a good start for other people because there a line shift change that needs to happen at some point where you came up with this idea and ask who my ideal customers are.  It’s not easy to point it out. Who is the real customer for this? I can pinpoint 5-10 people either I know or did I just see online or somewhere, it could be those customers and then I just go directly. Don’t forget to get heir feedback.

Tell them that this is something you want to start with. Tell them that this is why I think it works for you. Most of them will give you some feedback but in the end I will sell someone. For Tom, it’s the best way. Get some money and figure it out. Have them pay you to learn how to make this happen, and then you decide if you will scale it or will you shut down the business because it’s not working. I’ve done both. Multiple times

Try to get money first, because that just doesn’t only give you a vital juice you need for your business in life, but also gives you validation that the idea actually works. I talked about this in a talk before I worked here in Berlin and for us; it was the service that we pre sell before we had built it. I think that’s important because you would not only validate it and you would also make the first steps in designing the action that you need to make. These people you said that to would give you feedback. I think that is the most important thing for Digital Nomads. Do that before you travel. On the road, it’s really had to get through to people. You need a person to person interaction.

It’s about figuring about your client and being able to tell them exactly why this will help them. And that’s why you said that if you really don’t know what you are doing, just call old people, just go through and you know, if you want to sell something and you have a hundred people in front of you, one would probably ride because they feel sorry for you. You can still make a living that way, until you actually figure out how to do it the smarter way. Don’t try doing it the smarter way if you don’t know how to do it at all. That won’t work. You have to put in the work, go through the stupid ways of selling before you get to the smarter ways of selling.

That also puts you out of your comfort zone, which is also important to learn. If you are not able to do that, it would be pretty hard for a digital nomad.

you would have a lot of all other pressure and things will mess with your business things will put you out of your comfort zone all the time and just because that’s why there are bad stuff: you can’t sleep, the internet’s cutting off every few minutes, you have some crazy neighbors, every time you look out the window, he’s beating his wife; you have a lot of distractions coming. A lot of distractions even stuff like trying to get a phone sim card from other countries is going to be a task and you’ll feel like this is like the worst experience ever.