Right now I’m in Kiel, a town in Germany and there’s BarCamp – an international conference with only user-generated lectures and speeches and no set agenda in advance. Every person interested can join for free and take part in interesting discussions. The main topics are technology and media, but most of the BarCamps focus on special subjects like medicine or social science.

It’s a great concept but for startup founders or entrepreneurs since the attendees are mostly freelancers.

So, what an event a great event for startup founders and entrepreneurs?

When it comes to choosing an event that’s valuable for startup founders and entrepreneurs, it really depends. Some of the things you really need to consider are:

  • The crowd – You really need to think who will be attending. You want to look for the ‘right crowd’ for you. So if you’re a startup founder or entrepreneur then you might want to talk with people with startups and business people.
  • Your agenda – Like if you’re looking for funding, you need to go somewhere where you can get venture capitalists in front of you. If I just want to hang out with other business people then go for that reason. If you wanna listen to someone and maybe meet them then go where they are. Do you really want to talk listen to talks or do you want to expand your network?

It’s really hard to say which one is good for all startups or entrepreneurs because we all have different points. In the end, you just have to decide whether you think it’s worth your time or if it will meet your agenda.