This time, we have a listener asking a question. I recommended him the book Fastlane Millionaire and he read it. Now the question is: What shall he read after that? We can address him directly, Philip, thanks so much for that.

Tom, you have a couple of books you can recommend, right?

Tom said that usually after that book the next one I recommend is Choose Yourself, the second one by James Altacher and one thing really good about it is that it talks about how you figure out what it is you want  to do and not what the society or people around you want to. This is important. If you get past that, there is some mind shift things that need to happen, so he recommended  Psycho Cybernetics and release your breaks for that part. The one after that would be You’re Not So Smart and that’s about some of the things that we think are right, but it shows us how foolish our brains really are and how often you get trapped by just the way it works so it’s good to know these cognitive things that happen, that we can check ourselves sometimes. I just feel like it is good knowing both of those.

Just make your own decisions. It all boils down to the same thing. Fastlane Millionaire is about different ways on how you can make money and you get to keep your own self in that direction. Do you have any other books?

Fastlane Millionaire is just a start. What do you decide to do? Let’s say you are in Europe doing business models and then the extra execution has a lot to do with mind shift and I read psyco cybernetics, I think it is a good start,. also, there is a book by Michael Martherson, or Michael Fort, it’s called Ready, Fire, Aim and that basically gives you a perspective on the whole life cycle of the business. From the start until you can have a multi-million dollar business and he gives you the tasks you have to do in these stages. I think he prepares yourself if you really want to be wealthy, how do you go through these stages. Punch line for that, in the first until you reach your million, you only do 80% sales. I think it was pretty interesting. I only read the first Altacvher.  What is the difference between the first and the second?

He really got creative and stepped up the whole game, I guess. The first one, there were a couple of stories in there and he goes through all those ideas and the second one, he really goes in depth and tells you the why behind things. He gives you a lot of business ideas too and there’s so much more in there. I feel like the first one was like a preview what he came up with. For a lot of people who would just read the book, it will be a game changer. Just like Fastlane Millionaire, I think before that book came out, a lot of people thought about the four quadrants by Kiyasaki as something as a game changer, but it was just a simple thing like you can be a businessman, invest in work and all those stuff. it was simple, but Fastlane Millionaire took that to a different level. It explained how the money will be made instead of show and tell people that you can do this and that. You don’t have to only be an employee.   I recommend these other books because they step things up right up to the next.

Question to Philip: what if you tell us where you want to go in your life and then we give you more specific answers. it was pretty generic and I liked tom’s recommendation, but to really dig down is something where you want to go. That would be really interesting, so get back to us.